COVID-19 medical insurance

Do you want health insurance that covers COVID-19? This is what you should know

Although most people diagnosed with COVID-19 can recover at home, treatment for patients who require hospitalization can be extremely expensive. According to figures from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), patients who have used private medical services due to the coronavirus have spent an average of $435,176 MXN.

Of course, this is something highly worrying, since we are all susceptible to this virus and nobody knows how it can react in your body, since each body’s response to it is different.

Although as a society we are doing everything possible to avoid high numbers of simultaneous infections, the government has estimated that 80% of Mexicans will catch the virus at some point. Faced with this scenario, it is best to protect our finances against a possible serious contagion.

If you still do not have insurance for major medical expenses, this is the best time to hire it, since being able to count on the peace of mind of being protected in case of contracting COVID-19 is priceless.

How does medical expense insurance work against COVID-19?

Ok, you already contracted your health insurance and now what? If you were to get sick with COVID-19, could you really use your coverage immediately? The waiting time to be able to use the policy is one of the biggest doubts that have arisen since the beginning of the pandemic.

You probably know that in a normal situation the waiting time for respiratory diseases is 30 days after contracting the insurance.

In the case of the coronavirus, this depends on each insurer. Some have established a waiting time of up to 160 days. In Seguritlán, by introduction and to protect the health of more Mexicans, the health insurance we offer provides coverage for COVID-19 care from the first day of validity of the policy, so if you need it, you can make use of it. of your insurance immediately without any waiting period.

It is important to mention that medical insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. That is, if at the time of contracting your policy you already have the disease, it cannot be covered. For this reason, now is the best time to get insurance for major medical expenses.

Tips for contracting your insurance for major medical expenses

It is advisable that before contracting your medical expenses insurance you obtain professional advice since there are different factors that are taken into account when quoting the policy:

-Your age and medical history.

-The type of coverage you want, as well as the kind of hospitals you want to have access to if you require it.

-The deductible amount you want to pay.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased interest in health insurance, but in reality, with or without a health emergency, having health insurance is one of the best life decisions. You never know when you may fall into an illness or accident that requires hospitalization or expensive medical treatment.

In addition to coverage for COVID-19, major medical expenses insurance offers you vital health services, such as:

-Hospitalization expenses



-Special discounts in laboratories

-Maternity expenses

-Medical attention 24/7

If you are interested in taking out medical insurance for you and your family, do not hesitate to contact us. At Seguritlán we will guide you so that you can design the insurance that best suits your personal, health and economic needs.

Quote your medical expenses insurance today and we will gladly provide you with personalized advice so that choose the ideal insurance for you.

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