Major medical expenses insurance: the best way to protect yourself against illnesses and accidents

No one plans to get sick or hurt in an accident, but most people will need medical care at some point in their lives. Major medical insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits.

If you were to be diagnosed with a serious illness or have an accident, your health insurance will give you important financial protection. It’s easy to underestimate how much health care can cost, but it can lead people without coverage into deep debt or even bankruptcy.

Benefits of having insurance for major medical expenses:

  • Health insurance protects you from high and unexpected medical costs.
  • Covers hospital expenses, medical fees, treatments, studies and medications, among others.
  • You have access to preferential rates for basic medical care.
  • You can purchase additional coverage to extend your medical protection.

Benefits of counting with major medical insurance

What is the best age to take out insurance for major medical expenses?

Many people wonder about the best age to take out health insurance. However, there is no right age to hire him.

What you should know is that if you do it at an early age, the cost of your health insurance policy will be lower. This is because the premiums of the policies increase with age, since, the older you are, the risk of diseases increases. Health insurance premiums are determined based on the insured’s age, medical history, and city of residence, among other personal information.

Therefore, the sooner you contract your medical expenses insurance, the lower the cost of the premium and you will be able to live with the peace of mind of being protected against any unforeseen health event that may come your way.

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Coverages you should consider when hiring your major medical expenses insurance

Medical expense insurance has basic coverage that normally includes medical fees, hospital expenses, ambulance service, rehabilitation therapies and laboratory tests, among other things.

But, some insurers will offer you additional coverage that is well worth considering. For example:

  • Declared pre-existence
  • Medications outside the hospital
  • Extended motherhood
  • Emergencies, illnesses and medical attention abroad
  • Complications not covered

If you add additional coverage to your medical expenses insurance that adapts to your stage of life and needs, you can be sure of having comprehensive and complete protection that will face any health risk you face.

If you have already decided to take out medical expense insurance, either just for yourself or for another member of your family, at Seguritlán we have personalized options that fit exactly what you need and what your pocket can afford. Our plans include all the coverage that we have mentioned above, so you can be sure that you are hiring the best and most complete medical protection for you and your family.

We also cover COVID-19 without a waiting period, so you can use your insurance from the first day the policy is valid.

Protect your health and your finances, contract your insurance for major medical expenses today.

Coverages you must consider when contracting your insurance for major medical expenses

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