Because we are a company from and for Mexico, we changed our name to Seguritlan

In 2020, in the midst of the uncertainty and changes that the coronavirus pandemic brought to the entire world, we emerged as EnsuranceMX, the first digital insurance agency in Mexico, whose mission is to provide professional and personalized insurance advice 100% online.

Our mission, vision and values ​​remain the same, but we have decided to change our name to one that better reflects our love and commitment to Mexico. For this reason, we are now Seguritlán, the same digital insurance agency in which you have placed your trust and that was born with a single idea in mind: to offer the best insurance protection and service for all Mexicans.

Our founder and CEO, Hugo De la Torre, expresses the name change of our company in this way: “Our Mexican identity is extremely important and a source of pride for us, which is why we made the decision to reflect it in our name, taking as a reference the common use to name places in our country, thus referring to the word «tlán» which, due to its Nahuatl origin, means: «place of» thus alluding that we are THE place to contract your insurance in the most intelligent way; Likewise, this means serves to present our slogan, «Your safe place», finally remaining as Seguritlán, your safe place.

Thank you very much for the trust you have given us, now, as Seguritlán, our commitment to serve you in a personalized way and provide you with the best insurance options to protect you, your family and your assets, is even greater.
We are a company from Mexico for Mexico and we want all Mexicans to be able to live with the peace of mind of having the best support and coverage in case of illness, accident or theft of a car or home.

If you still don’t know the insurance offer we have for you, we invite you to visit our website and to put yourself in contact us. At Seguritlán we will be happy to assist you and help you create the ideal protection that fits your needs.

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