Habits and positive changes that emerged during the coronavirus pandemic

Out there it is said that everything bad always brings something good and this has become clear to us during the coronavirus pandemic. From one day to the next, the whole world had to change the way they live, work, relate and take care of their health.

As Mexicans, what are the positive habits and changes that we have had during the pandemic? These are the ones with the greatest impact:

Technology as a tool for working

If one thing has become clear to us during the coronavirus pandemic, it is that entire companies can continue to operate thanks to technology.

Millions of people with jobs that are mainly based on being on the computer were able to work from home and continue working without any problem. Online file storage clouds, project management software, and video calling platforms took the pandemic by the horns and proved that you can work from home and maintain (or even increase) office productivity.

Video calls to keep in touch with family and friends

Although social networks have been keeping people in touch for years no matter where they are in In the world, during the pandemic, video calls reached their peak and allowed entire families to stay in touch. Even elderly people who have never had (and will never have) social networks or much interaction with the internet, have been using video call platforms to be able to see their children and grandchildren.

The rise of social video calls will go down, but at least it has become clear to all of us that we can organize meetings with family and friends that last for hours through the screen of our computer or cell phone.

Healthy eating and exercise

When restaurants closed and we did not feel as safe about ordering food at home, most Mexicans had to start cooking at home and do it in a healthy way to raise our defenses and be in better health.

Also, the practice of all kinds of exercises that can be done at home had an increase. Many people who were not in the habit of exercising began to do so, partly thanks to all the free classes that different trainers and fitness studios have offered through social networks.

These two habits, eating healthy and exercising regularly, are the best that the coronavirus pandemic brought us.

Health as a priority

Hand in hand with the healthy habits that we mentioned above, is the fact that people decided to prioritize their health and protect themselves with major medical insurance against any unforeseen medical event (not just the coronavirus).

People have become aware of how important it is to have a medical protection plan. Illnesses and accidents can happen from one moment to another, they arrive without warning, and if you do not have medical insurance your family finances can be at risk and even go bankrupt.

At Seguritlan, we care about offering medical expense insurance that adapts to real needs and economics of our policyholders . For this reason, we have personalized medical plans, since we are all different and require different types of protection.

If you still do not have insurance for major medical expenses, you are at the best time to hire it. Do not let more time go by, do not let a serious illness or accident knock on your door without being protected.

Get in touch with us. It will be a pleasure to assist you and help you create the ideal medical protection plan for you. We cover COVID-19 without waiting time and we handle months without interest so that it is more comfortable for you to pay your major medical expenses policy.

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