Are you an Uber, Cabify or other platform driver? Check out these car care tips.

As you well know, the conditions in which you have your car is of the utmost importance for your work.

When users get on it, they look at absolutely everything, and how good or bad your vehicle is will greatly depend on the experience your customers have. In addition to this, the intense use you give it ends up wearing it out sooner than normal.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you take special care so that you can continue working with it in the best way and for a long time to come.

So that you have your car in perfect condition, we give you the following tips:

Always keep it clean

Cleaning your car is essential to offer a good service, so make sure you keep it clean at all times.

It is best that you use specialized products for cleaning cars, both for the interior and for the exterior.

Every day, before starting your work day, you should check that it is in perfect clean conditions, mainly the back, as it is the area that users use.

Check tire pressure

It is important that you regularly check the tire pressure, always taking into account the measurement indicated in the manual of your car.

Your tire pressure can have a big effect on your gas mileage. So keeping the pressure at an optimal level, as well as having your tires rotated occasionally, will save you money on gas, as well as keep them in better condition overall.

Schedule oil and other liquid changes

You already know that oil and other fluids should be changed every few miles, based on your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Being a platform driver, you are surely covering those kilometers in the blink of an eye. If you already know how far you drive on a regular basis, we recommend that you schedule oil changes.

This will ensure that your car continues to run at peak efficiency.

Don’t ignore problems

By spending so much time in your car, chances are you know it pretty well. If he starts making strange noises or behaving differently, you’ll know something is up and you’ll notice right away if he’s starting to get worse.

Don’t ignore those potential signs of trouble. Better, give it maintenance and take it for review as soon as you notice that there is something wrong with your car. In many cases, servicing your car at the first signs of mechanical problems can prevent more serious difficulties down the line.

Avoid fines

In many states of the republic, some applications such as Uber have certain limitations. It is important that you know well the legislation of the area in which you move and be up to date with any changes and updates to avoid fines. The sanctions can also end up taking your car to the corralón and then you will be unable to work for a while.

Protect your car with good insurance

Uber, Cabify, Didi and the other private transport platforms request as a requirement that the cars that will be registered in them have insurance.

This insurance is not the same as that offered to private cars. It is a special product, so not all insurers have it. If you still don’t have insurance or want to change the one you have, at Seguritlán we design the best protection for Uber and other platforms, providing you with extensive coverage and different benefits that protect you at all times.

Contact us to quote your car insurance. One of our specialists will help you obtain the protection that you need as a platform driver.

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