Home office during the pandemic: will your work return to normal?

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, the routine of millions of people in Mexico has changed. They went from commuting to the office every day to working at home, just steps from their bed.

The home office began to monopolize the way of working of different companies, inviting their employees to work from home to distance them from the risks that going out into the street, working in closed spaces and being in close contact with other people entailed.

While at first bosses and employees alike were freaking out over the dynamic, little by little everyone began to adapt and enjoy the benefits of working from home. For example, not having to spend time commuting to the office gives them space to do other health-promoting activities like exercising or preparing healthy food.

The home office became the new way of working and although at first it was thought to be temporary, experts point out that it is a transition that had to be made to optimize times, improve the productivity of companies and change the work culture for a that gives employees greater confidence, to use their time as best suits them to cover their work responsibilities, without being tied to a physical space even if there is no more work to do in the day.

Is the home office here to stay?

After months working from home, many companies have given note that it is not necessary for your employees to be in the same physical space to carry out their tasks. In itself, some offices were already beginning to apply the home office a few days a week, so now that it was «forced» for many, there is a greater chance that this new work modality will become normal for millions of Mexicans.

According to surveys carried out by different labor services firms, 80% of companies want to extend the “home office” modality after the pandemic subsides.

Insure your health, even if you are at home

Although the greatest risk of getting infected or having an accident is outside the home, things that threaten health can also happen inside the home. In fact, home accidents are the second leading cause of infant death.

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