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Why should we have life insurance?

Because it is an act of love with ourselves and our loved ones, saving and investing to improve our future and protect ourselves in the event of a mishap or help us have a decent retirement.

Why is it good to invest in UDIs?

Because the peso, due to inflation, loses value every year. Considering saving your money only in the bank is not a profitable option these days, with inflation at 3.5% per year, in 23 years you will need to earn twice as much to cover the same expenses.

The savings and investment can be made in pesos, UDIs or dollars, if you want that saving not to lose value, it must be in UDIs, because if it were made in pesos, the value of the premium will not change year after year, however, the savings we have will be less, because each year we can acquire fewer things with the same value.

If we want our savings not to be devalued over the years, the ideal is to make the investment in UDIs, which will guarantee that inflation will not affect the savings and, therefore, the cost of the premium will increase year after year.

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The 3 great challenges of Personal Finance

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What does life insurance NOT cover?

Life and Savings Insurance

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