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Your home is your space par excellence, it is where your loved ones are, it is the place you have worked to have, furnish, maintain, decorate, and finally to be able to be calm.

As much as we take care of ourselves, we are not exempt from accidents inside the house since there are factors such as electric shocks, fires, floods that can damage our things that have been obtained with so much sacrifice, or the notorious criminality. It is not enough to yearn, it is necessary to anticipate what we will do in case it happens, since, in Mexico, reports of theft in 2019 amounted to more than 740,200 cases, having home insurance that protects not only your assets, but your family, inside and outside of it, is one of the most insightful decisions you can make.

Make your home your safe place, check the options we have to be able to protect you in the most complete way.
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We protect even the smallest asset in your home

In case of adverse events such as fires, floods, earthquakes or electric shocks, our insurance protects your assets, from furniture and electrical appliances to your clothes.

You have our support in case of accidental damage

We cover the costs of damage to objects or people in your home, caused by an inhabitant, pet or domestic worker.

Your family and domestic workers are protected

Accidents can happen and that is why our insurance protects all the members of your household who suffer an unforeseen event inside or outside your home.

In Seguritlan we want you safe at all times

For this reason, our international medical insurance has complete coverage in Mexico and abroad. You can rest assured that no matter the place or the time, you will always have the support of your insurance.

Basic coverage
Your Comprehensive Home insurance protects you, your family and those who live in the home permanently, as well as their material belongings.
From Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM
Call to +52 322 980 0500
*Check from here terms and Conditions.

In addition, you will have the following assistance to provide you with a complete and quality orientation for you and yours

Do not entertain doubts

We give you a simple description of the concepts you should know when hiring your insurance

From Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM
Call to +52 322 980 0500
*Check from here terms and Conditions.

Live peacefully knowing that your heritage and your family are protected with our Comprehensive Home insurance

These are the coverages we have for you

*Check here terms and conditions.
*Subject to change without notice.
*Prices and quantities in MXN, do not include taxes.

Home & Damage

We guarantee to send your quote in less than 4 business hours. Hours of operation Monday to Friday from 09:00 A.M. to 03:00 PM

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