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FAQ's Vida ProTGT VPL (Limited Payments Life)

What is?

VPL is a Life Insurance that proposes permanent coverage (for life), whose objective is that the insured, after committing to pay his plan for a certain time (5,10,15, 20, 25 years, or more) ; or when you reach a certain age (60, 65, 75 years, etc.) you finish paying the corresponding premiums and remain insured until you reach the age of 99. When the insured dies, the insured sum will be delivered to his beneficiaries.

How can I make the payment?

Get information on how to make payments in the next Section.

Is it allowed to have more than one policy?

Yes, it is possible to acquire more than one policy, provided that you comply with the contracting conditions required by AXA Seguros; such as being within the acceptance age range or undergoing health checks and tests when required according to the requested sum insured.

Can I increase the sum insured?

Yes, it is possible to acquire more than one policy, provided that you comply with the contracting conditions required by AXA Seguros; such as being within the acceptance age range or undergoing health checks and tests when required according to the requested sum insured.

What process should I follow to make changes to my policy?

If it is necessary to request a change or correction, you can request it through your agent (with us, either by phone, email or WhatsApp) since we will help you complete the Policy Change Request form, where you specify the required modification, such as: changes in the sum insured, change of address or beneficiaries, rectification of any data, among others.

In case of loss of my policy, how can I request its replacement?

You can request it through your agent (with us, either by phone, email or WhatsApp).

What are additional coverages and what are they for?

The VPL plan has the basic coverage that protects the insured and in the event of death to their beneficiaries, in order to increase the conditions and protection, it offers the possibility of receiving additional compensation that covers risks such as terminal illnesses, accidents, disability, etc.

What are support services?

Vida ProTGT provides its policyholders with the benefit of free 24-hour telephone medical advice and general medicine or laboratory services at preferential prices.
What is Funeral Assistance?

What is Funeral Assistance?

Face-to-face legal advice will be provided to your beneficiaries in order to help them coordinate and organize required procedures before authorities in the event of your death; the transfer of the body, the ashes or the burial in the place where the death occurred will also be carried out.

Where can I request these services?

Call the phone at 800 911 9999.

How can I accumulate insurance savings?

This is possible through contracting Short-Term Endowment coverage, said coverage is valid for one month, which is used to make additional contributions. At the end of the insurance, the sum insured contracted for this coverage will increase your savings.

What happens to the contributions for voluntary savings if I die?

In case of death, the beneficiaries will be given the total of your contributions plus the interest generated.

How can I claim insurance compensation?

Get in touch with us, your agent will guide you indicating the necessary documents to receive compensation for the entire insurance or for any of the additional coverages. You can also call 800 900 1292.

Where can I consult the general conditions of my insurance?

In our Terms and Conditions section: VIDA ProTGT.

FAQ's Flex Plus

What is FlexPlus?

Flex Plus is a product for individual major medical expenses that gives the client the possibility of having the flexibility to contract different levels of coverage according to their needs for protection and cost.

The elementary coverage of the product has the essential protection to cover the expenses originated by the hospitalization of the insured due to a covered accident or illness. Thus, you can complement your insurance with different additional coverages (at a cost) expanding your protection and extending it outside the hospital, as well as customizing it to your lifestyle.

One of the great wonders of Flex Plus is that it has the ability to evolve with the insured, allowing him to add or withdraw coverage, and change those eligible, adapting it to his stage of life.

What is the sum insured and how does it work?

This is the insurer’s maximum liability amount (AXA) for each insured and for each covered accident or illness. This applies by illness, that is, it has the amount chosen for each event, illness or disease, which allows for greater protection.

What is the deductible and how does it work?

It is the fixed fee that is applied to the first expenses for each covered accident or illness and that corresponds to or is the responsibility of the insured. The insurance can only be applied once the amount of the deductible is exceeded, that is where the responsibility for the claim begins, on the part of the insurer.

What is coinsurance and how does it work?

It is the percentage of medical expenses that the insured person covers for each covered accident or illness, once the deductible has been discounted.

What is the hospital range?

It is the category of hospitals where the insured chooses to receive their medical care. It is extremely important that the insured decides the range, according to the hospital where he wishes to attend in case of an accident or illness, in order to avoid the penalties stipulated for care in a hospital of a different range.

What is medical tabulator and how does it work?

The medical tabulator allows the insured to choose the amount of medical fees with respect to their need for care, selecting it by type of procedure that will be covered for each covered condition, which includes the fees of surgeons, assistants, instrumentalists and anesthesiologists.

If the insured wishes to see a doctor who belongs to a tabulator of higher hierarchy, he must pay the difference between the contracted tabulator and the one in which he received the care.

What is claim payment period?

Time that the insured can choose for the company to pay their claims. This period begins from the first expense claim submitted by the insured to the company.

What is recognition of seniority?

Charity service that is granted to the insured when he has been covered continuously and uninterruptedly in a major medical expense policy with AXA or another company, as long as it is requested at the time of contracting.

In Flex Plus there are three different antiques, what is each one for?

  • Seniority in AXA Individual – This benefit consists exclusively of eliminating or reducing the waiting period for covered illnesses or conditions, including:
    • Maternity
    • HIV or AIDS
    • Pre-existing, in case of hiring.
  • Seniority in AXA and Recognized Seniority – These benefits consist exclusively of eliminating or reducing the waiting period for covered illnesses or conditions, except:
    • Maternity
    • HIV or AIDS
    • Bariatric surgery,
    • Pre-existing, in case of hiring.

FAQ's Integral Home

What is Integral Home?

It is insurance that provides protection for you, your family, your pets (dogs and cats) and your home against unforeseen events such as:

  • Accidents and damage inside or outside your home.
  • Fire, graffiti, falling trees, damage to your electrical appliances, glass breakage, etc.
  • Robbery or assault inside and outside your home.
  • In the event that, due to the death or total disability of the policy holder, a loss of essential income is generated for the insured home.
  • Natural disasters caused by storms, hurricanes, hail, floods, earthquakes, among others.

Likewise, you have a wide range of assistance services such as home services, assistance in the use of your PC’s, telephone support for veterinary assistance, legal guidance, help with funeral procedures, vehicle procedures, travel support. domestic and abroad, etc.

Who qualifies to be insured?

You, your family and those people who live in the house permanently, as well as their material belongings.

What coverages can be contracted?

  • Material Damage
    • Your residence and the assets you have in it, such as glass of any thickness, electronic devices and appliances.
      • In case of:
        • Tree falls
        • Explosions
        • Popular riots
        • Fires
        • Voltage variations
        • Others.
      • If the property or goods were affected by any of the aforementioned events, the insurance covers the cleaning costs, as well as the fees arising from having to vacate your home for reparation or if the authorities determine that you cannot access her.
  • Civil Liability
    • If any of the members of the family were to have an accident, the insurance covers the expenses incurred, either inside or outside the home, as well as those that your domestic workers may also suffer carrying out their tasks .
    • In the event that you, your family, pets or domestic workers cause an accident to other people or their property, the insurance will cover the costs of the damage.
  • theft
    • Inside or outside your home, if you, your family or domestic workers were to suffer a robbery with violence or assault, household and personal goods are covered, as well as cash that you, your family and your workers had earmarked for the property.
  • Revenue Loss
    • Offers an immediate payment of $60,000 pesos in the event of death or total or permanent disability of the insured person.
  • All packages include support services.

¿Cuáles son los servicios de asistencia a los que tengo acceso?

  • Services for home emergencies (electrician, leak report, plumbing, locksmith, among others.
  • Assistance in the use of your PCs for repair or maintenance.
  • Direct line with Tramitel to obtain help for different funeral procedures, vehicle procedures, etc.
  • Telephone support for veterinary assistance, as well as help locating a lost pet.
  • Support in domestic and foreign travel, etc.
  • Medical assistance by telephone and transfer to the nearest hospital if required.
  • Access to the Network of exclusive discounts in: books, medicines, doctors, fees, etc.
  • Guidance in relevant information related to your children’s education.
  • Counseling for reservations for events, hotels, concerts, theater, etc.
  • Care for older adults.
  • Youth orientation.

It is very important that you read the terms and conditions referring to each assistance.

How can I request a support service?

Dial 800 900 1292, and wait on the line to listen to the menu. Choose option 2: Medical assistance service, tow truck or lawyer, followed by option 4: Assistance to the home program.

What happens if after an unforeseen event I cannot continue living in my home?

We cover you with the extraordinary expenses you have to make (rent payment or hotel nights). You can check the terms and conditions in the Extraordinary Expenses Coverage section.

How does the funeral assistance service work?

The funeral must be coordinated through the assistance company, and $12,000 pesos are subsidized. The maximum amount of 12,000 pesos can be processed for reimbursement, issuing the invoice in the name of AXA Assistance.

Are funeral assistance services and Loss of Earnings coverage the same coverage?

Is not the same.

Deductibles and Coinsurance

What are the deductibles?

Section/ Coverage Deductible
Property Damage $1,500 M. N. Property Damage $1,500 M. N.
Debris Removal No deductible
Extraordinary Expenses Loss of Income No deductible
Earthquake and/or Volcanic Eruption It will be indicated in the policy and ranges from 2 to 3% of the insured amount depending on the location of the insured home
Hydrometeorological Phenomena (FHM) It will be indicated in the policy and ranges from 1 to 2% of the insured sum and 5% for risks located on the coast
Optional goods for FHM 15% on the sum insured
Civil Liability No deductible
Loss of Income No deductible
Theft $1,500 M.N.
Help services No deductible

Does any coinsurance apply?

Only for coverage of natural disasters.

Section/ Coverage Coinsurance
Property Damage No coinsurance
Earthquake and/or Volcanic Eruption It will be indicated in the policy and can be 10, 20 and 30% of the loss, depending on the location of the insured home
Hydrometeorological Phenomena (FHM) 10% on loss
Optional goods for FHM 20% on loss
Civil Liability No coinsurance
Loss of Income No coinsurance
Theft No coinsurance
Help services No coinsurance

1 Equivalent to 10 Days of Current Minimum Salary in the Federal District on the date of issue of the policy


Should the accident be reported to the authorities?

Yes, in the case of theft, it will be necessary to have the complaint with the corresponding authority and in the case of loss of income, the letter from the corresponding authority (death certificate). It will also be required in some cases of fire or civil liability (firefighters or civil protection report).

How can I report a claim to AXA?

You can call 800 900 1292, where you can report claims or request assistance services.

Remember that when you receive your policy we include the User Guide as support material, which contains a section where it tells you what to do in the event of an accident.

What is the maximum period I have to report my claim to AXA?

It is very important to do so as soon as the incident is known.

Contracting the policy

What requirements are needed to acquire this product?

You must provide us with the corresponding information and in the case of Income Loss coverage, the signature of the insured owner of the insured home and the designation of the beneficiary in the event of death is required.

How can I find out how much sum insured I need?

We have a tool to obtain it, once we know the square meters (m2) of construction of your home, we can give you an approximate insurance value of your home.

How long is my policy valid?

The validity is annual, you can verify the period of coverage on the cover of it.

What are the payment options?

You can make the payment at the window at the bank or at the 7 Eleven self-service stores, using the Banorte reference. It can also be done by credit card; in a single exhibition in fractional payments.

Mortgage credits

Can I have more than one contracted policy?

Yes, in some cases if you have a mortgage loan. It is extremely important, if you have more than one insurance, to notify the Company as soon as it becomes known.

If you have more than one policy and a claim occurs, is it possible to claim the same claim in all policies?

Yes, it is necessary to notify the insurers.

What is the difference between the insurance I have at the bank for having a mo